iXBRL Submission Compliance Rate

March 22, 2019News, Tips

When CIPC launched iXBRL submissions on 1 July last year, they estimated that 100 000 companies would need to submit iXBRL financial statements in the next 12 months. By now there should have been approximately 70 000 submissions. So what are the numbers to date? Would you believe, only 6500 submissions have been received so … Read More

The CIPC ‘Hard Stop’

March 4, 2019News, Tips

The CIPC ‘Hard Stop’ is causing major headaches for everyone submitting Annual Returns. Basically the ‘Hard Stop’ means that it isn’t possible to complete the Annual Return submission process unless you have completed a Financial Accountability Supplement (FAS) or uploaded your Annual Financial Statements in iXBRL format. For the past seven months users have skirted … Read More