Frequently Asked Questions

Easy to use: With an enthusiastic support team, up-to-date help manuals for troubleshooting, and an intuitive, easy to understand system, iXBRL Mate promises to be the most straight forward iXBRL conversion software on the market.

Designed by users: iXBRL Mate has taken user feedback into account throughout the years and makes an effort to change with the user’s requirements. You never have to worry about the taxonomy being outdated, we’re consistently updating the system to match CIPC taxonomy.

Catered Solutions: We want our users to have a seamless transition to iXBRL format. This is why we brought in our white-glove solution, best suited to companies who are newly required to submit their AFS in iXBRL format. Put the work in our hands and put your mind at ease with guaranteed CIPC acceptance and quick turn-around time. Read more about our white-glove solution below.

White Glove: If you prefer a hands-off approach and want professionals to handle the conversion process for you, a white glove service would be the way to go. With this option, experts will manage the entire iXBRL conversion process, ensuring accuracy and compliance with relevant standards. This can be particularly beneficial if you lack the time or expertise to handle the conversion yourself.

Self-service: If the webinars and help manual leave you feeling confident, our easy-to-learn system is the right choice for you. You will need some basic knowledge of the CIPC taxonomy used, some basic accounting knowledge, but iXBRL Mate handles the rest!

Since iXBRL Mate primarily operates through copy-paste, a document with well-formatted tables, such as one in Word or Excel, is ideal. However, if you only have access to a PDF, you can still use iXBRL Mate’s powerful text editor to build those tables yourself and adjust the file to appear exactly as you want.

The turnaround time depends entirely on the format of the AFS used for copy-pasting. Copy-pasting from a PDF isn’t ideal, so certain sections of the file, such as the notes, may need to be manually built in iXBRL Mate’s text editor. Files in Excel will have the fastest turnaround time, followed by Word. This applies to both self-service and white-glove services.

We utilize CIPC’s iXBRL Validation engine in our program. Once your file appears complete, you can run the CIPC Validation, which will provide you with a list of errors and warnings directly from CIPC. These errors and warnings will include line numbers and locations, enabling you to pinpoint the issues easily. If you encounter any difficulties, our comprehensive help manual covers all errors and warnings.

To sign up, navigate back to the Home page and select ‘Login/Sign up’ from the top right corner. This action will take you into iXBRL Mate itself. Once there, click on ‘Help’ to access the help manual and receive detailed instructions for creating a new account.

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